Department of Worship

The Department of Worship promotes the uplifting of praise, honor and acknowledgment of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, through word, song, prayer, fellowship and service, remembering Christ in all things.
Scripture:  “Give unto the Lord the glory due unto His name; worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness” Psalms 29:2

Audio/Visual & Broadcast Ministry 
Audio/Visual & Broadcast Ministry records worship services and events, provides audio, video and photographic services, as well as maintains the P/A communication system of the church.

Flower Ministry   
Flower Ministry arranges for the placement of flowers around the altar and pulpit each Sunday and on special occasions.

Lamplighter Newsletter
The Lamplighter is the official church’s newsletter.  The Lamplighter is published and distributed quarterly.  Persons serving on this ministry will assist the editor in collecting, typing and editing information collected from the congregation.

Liturgical Dance Ministry

MLK, Jr. Commemorative Society

Music & Sacred Worship Arts Ministry
The Music Ministry is dedicated to serving God by enhancing aspects of worship through vocal and instrumental music, leading the congregational singing with anthems, hymns, gospel and other sacred music and arts.  Through these efforts, the Music Ministry offers inspirational experiences which glorify God and are meaningful to worshippers.

Prayer & Praise Ministry
The Prayer & Praise Ministry assemble to honor and glorify God, and offer thanks for His love through Jesus Christ whose Holy Spirit dwells in human hearts.

Ushers Ministry   
The Ushers are the official doorkeepers of the church whose endeavor to seat worshippers in an orderly manner that augments the feeling of reverence, fellowship and well being.

Visitors Ministry   
The Visitors Ministry is a team of persons who in a friendly and warm manner, intentionally and comprehensively reaches out to those who choose to worship and fellowship at St. Paul’s Baptist Church.

Wedding Consultant 
The Wedding Consultant will provide assistance and guidance to the bride and groom and coordinate all details and activities for the upcoming wedding.