St. Paul's Baptist Church History
1887 - 2017

St. Paul's Baptist Church was organized under the power and guide of the Holy Spirit by five visionary, independent Christian believers who were convinced that the Almighty in the spirit of Christ wanted them to have their own place of worship, study, and divine encounter. So it happened that on January 29, 1887, the first meeting of the Baptist Colored Mission in West Chester was held at 307 East Market Street led by Reverend H. B. Price. The church evolved through a number of name changes and institutional progressions to become the St. Paul's Baptist Church of West Chester, Pennsylvania.

St. Paul's is the oldest Baptist Church of African American heritage in the area and is affiliated with the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., the Pennsylvania Baptist State Convention and the American Baptist Churches, USA.

From 1887 - today...Over One Hundred and Twenty Nine Years. St. Paul's Baptist Church has emerged from that first worship service in January 1887 under the banner of "Baptist Colored Mission" to "The Angel Visit Baptist Mission" to St. Paul's Baptist Church.

Faith and grace has brought St. Paul's from a congregation of five dedicated souls to a membership today that exceeds six hundred. Sacrifice and God's favor has brought St. Paul's from a $500.00 building to a multi-million dollar complex on Hagerty Boulevard. To the Glory of God!

St. Paul's has stood as a living testimony to God's faithfulness to His children and the teachings of Christ. St. Paul's has served as an anchor for many souls in times of social injustice, human need, economic depression, warfare, uncertainty, and perplexity.

Today, St. Paul's is actively engaged in seeking to develop and implement a program and plan of action for the church in the 21st century. Under the theme "Every Member In Study and Ministry", it is our aim to assist individuals to grow in Christ and to become better equipped to practice and share the teachings and principles of Jesus.

Our aim is to become an efficient and effective teaching church as we equip our members and ministries to do the work of Christ in a spirit of humility and Christian fellowship - Build Disciples!

Pastor's of St. Pauls

1887 – 1891
Reverend Asbury Smallwood
1892- 1893
Reverend James Sumber (Interim)
1893 – 1916
Reverend John C. King
1916 – 1931
Reverend Daniel B. Howard
1932 – 1963
Reverend James C. Clark
1966 – 1970
Reverend Amos C. Brown
1970 – 1977
Reverend Charles E. Booth
1978 – 1982
Reverend Harvey L. Kelly
1982 – 1983
Reverend William Robinson (Interim)
1983 – 1994
Reverend Earl D. Trent Jr.
1995 – 1996
Reverend Vernon M. Herron (Interim)
1996 – 2010
Reverend Robert Scott Jones
2011 – 2012
Reverend G.G. Campbell (Interim)
2012 – Present
Reverend Wayne E. Croft