How Do I Fit In?

Many times, when we encounter groups of people, we wonder how will we fit in? Perhaps you are here for one of the reasons below . . .

Just Wondering

Perhaps you casually came across our site and something caught your interest.  You may or may not be a Christian or may or may not already be a member of a church.  We have good news for you! Our church family welcomes you to explore our website. We hope it will help you to get to know more about God and his plans to have a healthy and whole relationship with you. All of which is available as a result of things that Jesus did on your behalf. We also invite you to come meet us in person! Sure, you’ll see us on social media, but live and in person is one of the best ways to talk to us about God, Jesus’ work on your behalf, the Bible, being a Christian, or just asking for someone to pray with you.


You are at a place where you are looking beyond yourself for encouragement, help, answers. It is said, “Seek, and you will find.” We’re glad that you are here, because you will find good news here. News that you are not alone. News that you are loved beyond the ability for someone to even measure it. News that there is hope to help navigate the difficult situations you are facing. Maybe you are looking for an opportunity to deepen your spiritual practice or learn more about how to follow Jesus. Maybe you are looking to make a difference in this world as part of something bigger than yourself. Maybe you’re not sure what you are looking for.  In any and all of these possibilities, we invite you to not just look at our website, but to come talk with us. Or if you prefer, just sit and listen in on our shared worship experiences. 


Christian.  What does that really mean? American popular culture would have you believe that it is about a religion.  Choosing to live by a set of rules that determine how you vote.  However, that is not an accurate representation of what it means to be a Christian. 

Being a Christian starts with a person who lived a long time ago and made a decision that, to this day, is the greatest gift ever given. That person is Jesus Christ. He is the Son of God.

As a Christian, you have already come to understand the plan God has, which is to offer us a whole, healthy, and dynamic relationship with Him.  You accepted that you are a person whose focus was only on yourself and that there are things that you did that are contrary to the way God would have us live.  Then you realized that those shortcomings (or sins) are only fixed through the sacrifice that Jesus made. That you believe that Jesus died for your sins to mend your broken relationship with God. Then you took the time to tell someone that you now accept that you were a person who sinned and believe that Jesus died on your behalf to pay the cost for your sins.  This is what makes you a Christian. You now have the opportunity to grow in this new relationship with God through Jesus. You now have the Holy Spirit inside of you, guiding you as to live out the teachings of Jesus and the principles of the Bible. We are so glad you are part of the family!  Please feel free to spend some time with us, as we walk this journey of knowing Jesus, loving God and following the lead of the Holy Spirit.


While all people are welcome to join us for worship and other activities in which our church family participates or offers, a person must be a Christian, or be willing to become a Christian, to be a member of St. Paul’s.

Being a member gives you the opportunity to serve the needs of not just our local church family, but the broader family of those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior. Being a member gives you a venue to make a difference in this world by serving the community, as well as a way to share God’s love and the good news and hope of what a relationship with God through Jesus brings.

As members we make a promise to God and each other that we will walk together in love and harmony. We will use our resources to help the poor, and share God’s love with those who may not have even heard of God. We promise to treat each other with respect, and even if we don’t agree, that we will allow and trust those who are in the majority to do what’s best for our church family. If we have a problem with someone else, we promise to talk to them about it before talking to anyone else, always looking to work out that problem in love and kindness. We also promise to encourage, pray for, and keep a loving and watchful eye out for each other, making sure we have each other’s backs and refusing to expose anyone or talk about anyone, especially when things aren’t going so well. We absolutely promise to celebrate each other’s successes and support each other in times of grief. We promise to persistently study the Bible, as well as practice spiritual disciplines (e.g., prayer, meditation, serving others, fasting) with our families, and share God’s love with our friends and neighbors.

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