Member Gateway

As a Member of St. Paul’s Baptist Church, you are welcome to use and become part of our St. Paul’s Baptist Church Member Gateway.


This gateway gives private access to St. Paul’s staff and key church officers to see limited member information (as and when needed) and provides a way for key leaders to communicate with groups of members, or the entire church.

Please note that when you become a member of St. Paul’s you are automatically added to the church’s email communication list. If you are not getting any communication from the church, please fill out the Census Information Update form on the Member Gateway.

How do I get access to the Member Gateway?

You can Sign Up here

You will get an e-mail response within 48 hours from with your login and password information.

Is my information private?

The Member Gateway is private and is only available to church members who have an assigned username and password.  Information in the Gateway is seen only by our church staff and key church officers.

Guidelines for Use

It is important to ensure that all of us take steps to protect our own, and each member’s privacy. By becoming a Member Gateway member, you agree to the following rules of use:

  • The Member Gateway is intended for church and ministry use. It is not for solicitation of any kind. Do not use it for business purposes or for groups outside of the St. Paul’s Baptist Church community.
  • Protect the privacy of members by not giving their phone number etc., to others outside of the Member Gateway. If you would like someone’s number and they are “unlisted”, please ask them directly. St. Paul’s Baptist Church cannot give out this information without prior consent. Our leaders use this private information with care.
  • Do not send emails that are not necessary and requested, e.g. jokes, stories, petitions, etc. Use the Member Gateway with care and courtesy for personal and friendly communication. Even if it’s interesting, funny or important, do not send unsolicited information. Do not add members to email lists outside the Member Gateway without prior consent.
  • Members are to inform the web administrator of any problems so a resolution can be found. Contact the web administrator at or call the office at 610-692-2446.



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